Feeling let down by your Bank? We can bring relief to your money difficulties.

We are a small team of experienced professionals. You will not be connected to a call centre but one professional who will handle your enquiry.

All situations looked at sympathetically:Range

We have options for when your bank says no!What 2 do next

Reasons that your bank may decline.

  • You have not been trading long enough, most banks require 3 years of accounts i.e. 4 years trading.       We have lenders who will consider Six (6)months trading.
  • You may have a less than perfect credit score. We have lenders who will consider historic credit problems, they are more interested in the future rather than the past.
  • You do not have any security to secure the funding. You may rent your business premises or you trade online. We have lenders who offer completely unsecured finance.
  • You may have been declined due to the uses that you require the funding for.
  • We have lenders who will lend for any purpose. Stock, Advertising, Clearing existing debts.
  • It may be that you require the funding urgently. We have lenders who offer same day funding. (subject to you having all relevant information at the point of application).Home Page gridInfo

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 when your current lender will not give a further advance.

Various solutions for Buy to Let mortgages. Including Secured Loans, and Remortgages. Commercial mortgages: 

 Business finance: Unsecured & Secured Saxon Business Finance Solutions
Non standard construction: 
Adverse credit history: finance based just on property value not your credit history
Development finance: 


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