What to do next

     We appreciate that you have most probably been to your bank filled in forms supplied accounts and other documentation. Only to be let down.

     You may even have tried a “specialist” who only had one product which was not suitable for your situation.

Saxon Financial Solutions have a range of different products.

     For people who may be in rented premises with only a few months trading.
up to establish businesses who own their own premises.
You may even be trading online from home.

     It may even be that the situation may be a combination of different solutions.

By dealing with Saxon Financial Solutions we may be able to combine 2 or 3 different types of funding e.g. 75% on a 30 year long-term deal, 20% on a 5 year medium term deal and 5% on a one year short term deal.

 Why not go direct!

Firstly you will NOT be offered a better rate.

In some cases the direct rate is higher that via a broker, (brokers only receive commission once a deal is completed where as if you deal direct, the lender has to employ staff to deal with your enquiry even if it does not complete).

Secondly although the headline criteria may look similar there are many differences in the processing procedure.

For example if you had issues with your rent would you know which lender does not ask for a landlord’s reference?

Or if you had issues with HMRC which lender does not require a reference from HMRC or Customs & Excise.

Some lenders may only want to see bank statements others only accept HMRC returns.

First step to solving you financial situation is to find out a little about you and your business.

You can either phone us or complete the simple form.Enquiry formClick on button.https://form.jotformeu.com/70584661534359

From this point we can look at the best solution to move your business forward.

We look forward to working with you.

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