Merchant Cash Advance

injectionCould your business benefitinjection
from a cash injection?

Completely Unsecured.
90% of applications accepted.

One simple application form.
No accounts or business plan required.
Any historic poor credit history is not a major issue.
Payback via as a percentage of card sales.
No need to change your PDQ.
Funds in 7-10 days.

You can use a business cash advance for:

Buying stock: Refurbishment:
Purchasing equipment:
Paying bills and boosting cash flow.
Repayments linked to your card sales if you have a poor month you pay less if a good month pay more.

 If the cash injection is used to increase sales it is effectively Self funding.

How it works:-

Speach blueA Business Cash Advance is a cash injection of between £2,500 and £300,000. We typically advance up to one month’s card sales (so if you take £10k in card transactions, your maximum would be £10k).
We have one provider that advances TWO times your monthly cards sales with repayments  over 24 months !!!

Cost of finance

Apply in minutes.

Application form (2)

You can apply in a matter of minutes, and we can make a decision on the phone for you there and then. We can even get you the funds on the day you apply (as long as you give us the information we need).

One simple cost (no APR)

We will agree the cost which will be paid back as a fixed daily percentage of your credit & debit card sales. This is directly linked to your business income. So you’ll never need to find money you don’t have to pay back your advance.

PDQ NoYou need a credit/debit card terminal                         (No need to change your provider!Speach blue

You will need to accept card payments and receive a average of £2,500 a month in card transactions. And that’s about it. We approve 90% of all applications and do our best to help anyone applying.

You keep 100% of cash earnings

Oh and any cash you take is yours. You only pay back a % of your card sales.

If your card sales are not sufficient (£2500 per month) we have other options available.

     Is this a familiar situation in your business, you start off with a full inventory of stock, then you have an unexpected expense, solution you take 5% of your stock fund to pay the expense, now as your stock has been reduced lowering your income resulting in more strain on your cash flow, solution take 5% of your stock fund to pay the next unexpected expense. As you can see it does not take too long for a business to run in to serious cash flow problems, it may not be as dramatic as this illustration just a few percent reduction in stock each month, you may not notice the effect but your customers will and your and of year accounts will clearly show it.
By taking a “Business Cash Advance” you can return your stock to its previous level, this is usually funded by the increase sales, once the funding has been repaid you then keep all the new income, or you could repeat and expand your range.

     You purchase £9,000 of new stock, you expect to sell 10% of this each week i.e. £900 at a retail mark-up of 50% this equals new sales of £1350 p.w. of which £450 is gross profit the cost of the finance £399 p.w. resulting in a profit of £51 which is not that great but after 7 months the finance is all repaid you own outright the £9000 of stock and keep all the £450 of extra income, at this point you could repeat and expand your range further.

     Your payments are a percentage of your card sales so if you have a poor week or seasonal variations your payments reduce, remember you keep all your cash and cheque sales income. The cost of this finance is also tax deductible as a business expense.

     Remember this finance is completely unsecured and comparable to a cash advance on a credit card, which may not be tax deductible, plus as you usually only pay the minimum, on a credit card the debt can stay around indefinitely, whereas with a “Business Cash Advance” you know the funding would have been repaid in 7 months (or the agreed term).

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These examples are just to give a idea of how a business cash advance could assist your business a full breakdown of cost, terms and conditions will be supplied with your individual quotation.

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