Example Professional Services

Pro picYou would like to expand your practice as you know the demand is there but you do not have the spare capital needed to employ an extra staff member and to set up an extra office or work station, plus the additional equipment required.

So you take a business cash advance of £5,500 equal to one month’s card income.  This is paid back in at an average of £231 per month over the next 7 months from the income generated from your new staff member.

Once the advance has been paid back, all the new higher income goes into your practice. You could at this point repeat and add another staff member or upgrade an existing staff member by using the advance to fund a training course, or a marketing campaign.

This is just an example, funds can be used for any purpose. Including VAT, HMRC and other outstanding debts                                                                           .Restaurant. Apro costrefreshing alternative

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