Credit Reports

Credit score 150Credit Checks.Credit score 150

When looking for funding it is extremely important to have a credit check,

But remember every time an enquiry is made by a lender this leaves either a soft or hard foot print on your file.

You can check your own file as many times as you like with no footprint.

If you have a CLEAN credit file but make numerous enquires with lenders just so you can compare rates this will appear as if you have been declined by a number of lenders, a prospective lender will assume that these lenders found some negative information on you.

If we have all your information we can go straight to the lender that is the most suitable for you.

The more enquires on your file the weaker your position becomes, there are numerous checks made that you may not be aware of most building and contents insurance or car insurance that is paid monthly may in fact be a credit agreement requiring a check.

They usually remain on your file for 6 months.

Companies like EXPERIAN and EQUIFAX both offer free credit checks  but beware you are usually signing up for a monthly subscription with the only the first month free YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER TO CANCEL BEFORE THE END OF THE FIRST MONTH.

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