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your details could be sold

Beware many websites that appear to be from brokers or lenders are actually lead generating companies that is they take your enquiry and then sell that information on to mortgage brokers, in most cases to more than one broker. As they are primarily interested in obtaining your details to sell on, they can make exaggerated claims regarding what is available, usually options that are no longer available or only apply to a very small percentage of people.  Their income is from the sale of your information, not from completing a loan or mortgage.

We are only interested in speaking to people that we have reasonable expectation of helping, this may involve you dealing with other companies within our group, due to the different regulations that apply to different solutions alternatively we may pass your enquiry to one of our associated companies who deal with specialised solutions, but at all times you are our client and your details will not be sold on.

You can usually spot these sites in that they do give any wealth warnings and usually state that a mortgage broker will be in contact. They have no direct contact details on their site. All they have is their form for you to fill in, this gives them your information to sell on, beware of these sites they have no interest in talking to your or helping with your requirements. By dealing with us you are dealing with a company that is motivated in finding a solution for you.

 caution-beware-sign Beware caution-beware-sign



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