Business Finance

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Business Finance.
    It may be you have tried your bank for business finance but they wanted 3 years of accounts. A professional business plan or they were not happy that you did not have a perfect credit score.

    We have various solutions, we understand that if you are in retail the more lines of stock you carry the more your will sell. If you are in the restaurant or hotel industry  a refurbishment can make a major difference to your turn over.

    We have short and long term solutions, some secured but many unsecured.

    If you are a retail business you may only need short term finance if you sell one unit per month and make a third profit after 3 months you own the stock.

    Many of our solutions just require a one page application form, with a decision within an hour and funds within a week some the same day.


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    If you receive the majority of your income via a card machine this could be the perfect solution.

Are you aware that without a Business Property Relief Trust in your Will your family could have to pay 40% Inheritance Tax. I.H.T also without specific appointed Business Executors in your Will. Your personal Executors may not be able to conduct your business affairs. Contact  Saxon Wills & Estate Planning.



















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